This ocean model configuration was supported by the the Newton Fund's Weather and Climate Science for Service Partnership, India. The regional ocean model was developed, in collaboration with the UK Met Office, to advance regional scale ocean-atomosphere coupled research for India. The Newton fund aims to strengthen science and innovation capacity and unlock further funding to support poverty alleviation. For more information visit

Model Summary

This configuration has been specifically set up for the NEMO community ocean model, using a variant of v3.6. The model grid has a 2.2 km horizontal resolution and 75 hybrid sigma-z-partial-step vertical levels. The domain covers 3.5°N to 26.58°N, 65°E to 101.9°E. The configuration was set up to use ERA5 forcing, FES2014 tides, open ocean boundary conditions from the Met Office global 1/12° ocean data product, available through the COPERNICUS Marine Environment monitoring Service (

Model Setup Process

The objective here is to document the process for setting up the configuration, rather than automating the process. This is because some data, e.g. the bathymetry is not publicly available.